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Oil Sludge Treatment

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Oil Sludge Treatment

GM Energy Oil Sludge Treatment in Gamba recovers much oil that is injected into production and water for reuse. Also it is an ideal solution to for the solids disposal.

The Oil & Gas industry ...

The Oil & Gas industry produces one of the popular hazardous waste known as Oil Sludge, a mixture consisting of oil, water and solids. Crude oily sludge is a recurrent problem leading to corrosive effects and a reduction in oil storing capacity. A Petroleum refinery with a production capability of 105,000 bpd produces approximately 50 tons of oily sludge per year. The treatment and disposal of the Oil sludge has created a major challenge in recent years.

Oil recovery factor

In August 2019, Following the Contract award from Assala Energy to treat 1500 m3 of Oil Sludge in the onshore Gamba field, GME Energy has designed and built a Full Standalone solution to treat the oil sludge with a significant oil recovery factor.

Generation of oil sludge

Oil Sludge is generated from

• Crude Oil storage Tank Cleaning
• Refinery Waste oil
• Drilling Waste oil
• Production facilities waste oil

A system composed of two skids

GM Energy Treatment System consist has been built mainly into to 2 skids for easy moving from one location to another.

• First Skid is a Mixing and Heating unit
• Second Skid is the Separation Skid (decanting Centrifuge combined with Oil/Water Separator)